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  • Trains, Pipes, ...

    August 4th, 2014

    Energy and transportation companies both install different types of steel for a variety of different purposes. The companies don’t make these items themselves. A factory creates all of the pieces and ships them to where they need to go. Here are several different items that energy and transportation companies buy [...]

  • 6 Steps To Deal...

    July 7th, 2014

    Putting carpeting down in the basement seems like a quick way to make it feel more cozy, but even a little dampness soon turns the pad and fibers into a breeding ground for mold. It’s essential to remove the carpet immediately after you spot signs of mold so it can’t [...]

  • Learn How To Ke...

    June 17th, 2014

    If you live in a rural area or if your town has not run sewage lines down your street, then you have a septic system. Septic systems are often overlooked until there is a specific problem. This is not wise, because a septic tank that cracks or overfills needs to [...]

  • Natural Ways To...

    June 2nd, 2014

    If your home is infested with crickets, their loud chirping may make it hard to enjoy a quiet night at home or get a good night’s sleep. While there are many ways to get rid of these pests, most of the treatments involve the use of pest control chemicals. However, [...]

  • The Pros And Co...

    May 13th, 2014

    There are many benefits to mulch, including keeping plant roots cooler and keeping the soil moist. But while there are many benefits to mulch, you may be considering not using any in your garden or over your tree soil. This is because mulching requires a lot of care and maintenance. [...]

Wheels to Turbines


In this section, you can read about the history of early forms of hydropower as well as some of the most basic tasks that people used hydropower for. They say that the wheel was probably the most important invention of all time, but using one to get power from water is almost equally ingenious. From flour mills to metal work, there was almost nothing that couldn't be done with hydropower.



No, we aren't necessarily talking about those things that people put in their cars to make them move up and down and bounce, but the hydraulics we'll be talking about work much in the same fashion. Even though not as common in today's world (they are largely out of use on a public scale), hydraulics can be effective and powerful machines that generate a lot of hydropower.

Modern Hydropower


We still use water to provide us with energy today (and not just in the water that we drink). From Hoover Dam to the smallest stream, hydropower can be generated in dozens of locations around the globe. It can be an efficient and clean way to power our homes, cities, factories, and water our countries' crops if we do use hydropower in the right ways.